Middle School (7-9)


The school follows a specially designed curriculum that combines Ministry of Education standards and Middle School Baccalaureate (IBMYP) framework.  Our curriculum is planned and delivered in a way that is localized and relevant to our school environment. We aim for our students to be grounded in their culture while still allowing the students to be open and aware of the world around them.

Stemming from our belief that students learn best in their native tongue, Arabic is the main language of instruction up to grade eight, with certain subjects combining both languages.

Furthermore, our curriculum emphasizes the best teaching practices that support questioning, inquiring, collaborating, investigating, researching and designing. We aim to make learning actively engaging and relevant to the student’s life.

In grade nine, students choose between two programs: the National Stream (Tawjihi) and the IB Diploma Program. They begin studying specialized subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Business, which help them understand their interests and strengths in individual disciplines to aid them in choosing their subjects in grade ten. In addition to these, the students attend classes such as Individuals and Societies (Social Studies), Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical and Health Education, Design Technology, Mathematics and Literature and Linguistics in both Arabic and English.

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School's Principal

Zafer Abu Khader

Amman National Middle School recognizes the importance of the developmental milestones and changes students, at this stage, go through and their impact on them, such as physical changes, which present themselves in rapid growth and physical transformations, as well as intrapersonal and interpersonal changes such as the desire for independence, the formation of individual beliefs and values, and the increasing influence of peers.  

Creating a welcoming and relaxed environment based on empathy, respect, and trust allows the teachers to support and appreciate the students' diverse talents and direct them towards a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them. Teachers encourage learning beyond traditional academics by paying attention to students' interests and providing them with opportunities to engage with topics on deeper levels.

The school has a guidance program dedicated to reinforcing character-building and positive social skills that help students manage their emotions, organize their time, overcome obstacles, resolve conflicts, and establish healthy routines.

It is the aim and objective of the Middle School department to support students through every step in their journey from elementary school to high school.