Our play-based program fosters the love of learning.  The children engage in long-term projects that encourage exploration, discovery, and reflection. The curriculum is emergent, and the children are involved in planning and directing their learning.

Through authentic, relevant, and developmentally appropriate experiences, children learn about themselves, others, as well as the world around them. They learn what it means to be part of different groups. They learn to show respect, share, take turns, and communicate in a positive manner. The spacious classrooms are divided into learning centers where children express themselves using various mediums such as clay, music, drama, painting, and writing.

In addition, children practice core -age-appropriate- academic skills every day as part of the interdisciplinary units and in standalone short engaging lessons.   

The children participate in listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities on a daily basis. Our balanced approach to literacy and language acquisition puts emphasis on understanding the language as well as learning phonics. Teachers foster the love of books and literature by reading and discussing quality children's books and poems daily, thus helping children acquire new vocabulary and deepen their connections to the language. All children are viewed as capable writers as they journal and write using developmental spelling.

Math is a concrete and hands-on experience where children acquire foundational math skills and concepts and develop number sense. Teachers use problem solving and real-life tools such as coins, clocks, and calendars to help children develop mathematical thinking.    

Outdoor play is an important part of childhood, and children play outside daily (even in winter!). Our outdoor play area provides diverse opportunities that help meet the children’s physical and sensory needs such as climbing, cycling, swinging, running, and water and sand play.

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School's Principle

Carla Zumot

Welcome to ANS Kindergarten! A place where we honor the "100 languages of children". A place where children are considered powerful and capable members of the learning community, and where their thoughts, ideas, and experiences are listened to and valued.

Our play-based emergent curriculum creates possibilities for the children to explore, discover, and invent; all while engaging in age-appropriate literacy and mathematics.  

The specially designed classrooms and outside spaces provoke the children's imagination, curiosities, and love of learning. The kindergarten consists of six classes, three kindergarten1 and three kindergarten2.

Our nurturing and loving atmosphere makes our kindergarten a very special learning space that children love to visit even many years after.