Science Labs

Amman National School believes that practical work and experimentation satisfy the human desire for understanding 'how, what, and why' things are the way they are. Lab work allows students to cement their learning of scientific concepts and scientific reasoning by observing the process, manipulating real material, and gathering and interacting with data. Teachers and students use the science labs for activities, projects, research, and field studies. IBDP students use the lab when working on the Internals and the Extended Essays.

The Science department has four fully equipped labs, supervised by three full time lab technicians. One lab serves the elementary school, and the other three Physics, Chemistry, and Biology labs serve grades six to twelve. Moreover, there is a mini-PV solar lab where students work on projects using the solar energy.

The school also accommodates a Robotics lab and a Formula 1 lab. These labs provide an exciting environment to engage in STEM related subjects. The school participates in regional and international competitions.



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