Information center

The Library and Resource Center is the beating heart of the school. It is a safe and welcoming space where children and adults expand their interests and satisfy their curiosities. It is a vital part of every department's teaching and learning. A place for everyone to discover, connect, and find good books!

The library contains a relevant, diverse, and up-to-date curated collection of print and digital sources; a collection of over 30,000 Arabic and English print books, and multiple digital subscriptions that will delight diverse readers and inform on a wide range of subjects.

The library was remodeled recently to include open and versatile spaces. Students can read independently, work in small groups, study, listen to music, play board games, engage in book clubs, and create in the maker space.  

The center's professional and well-trained staff guides students in accessing resources and refining their research skills, focusing on academic honesty, citation, source reliability, and deciphering points of view.

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