Tuition and Fees

Tuition Fees for the Academic Year 2024 / 2025 are in Jordanian Dinars

Subject to increase, depending on the approval of the Ministry of Education, not exceeding 5%







School Tuition  School Tuition (subject to sibling's discount)
KG1 - KG2 3545 3125
Grades 1-2-3 4140 3590
Grades 4-5 4355 3805
Grade 6 MYP 4355 3805
Grades 7 MYP 4565 4015
Grade 8 MYP 4750 4200
 National Program

Grade 9 MYP 4750 4200
Grade 10 MYP 5045 4470
Grade 11 Tawjihi 5255 4680
Grade 12 Tawjihi 5525 4750

IB Program 

Grade 9 MYP 6495 5895
Grade 10 MYP 6495 5895
Grade 11 DP 8705 8105
Grade 12 DP 8915 8115


  Extra Textbooks Fees
Extra books fees are added to tuition fees, including the school's own textbooks, as well as supporting books, which are taught to students in addition to the Ministry of Education curriculum, where their prices are modified on the first of August


Refundable Insurance
To be paid by new students only and is fully or partially refundable upon the student’s graduation, or transfer from the school JD 200


Application Fee 
To be paid at the time of the interview or the entrance exam 30 JOD


Transportation Fees
Students benefit from the transportation service after paying the transportation fees at the beginning of the semester, and subject to the availability of the service for the area of housing.
One way  JD 600
Two ways JD 800


After School Supervision
After school supervision service is optionally available to students with siblings in the school and non- subscribers to the transportation service
One period JD 250 yearly 
Two periods until 3:30 pm JD 500 yearly 


 Learning Support Program Fees
Full supporting  JD 2200
Supporting per subject JD 550



Exams Fees for Grade 12
External Examination Fees for Tawjihi and the International Baccalaureate fees are not included in the tuition fees, and to be paid upon submission of applications for exams.


    Registration Fees

  To be paid upon acceptance for new students and in December for current students. Fees will be deducted from the first semester's payment.

Current students/Eldest sibling other current siblings 

JD 500
New Siblings of current students JD 500
New students JD 1000


Tuition fees payments:

  • Cash/ Credit Cards/ e-fawateercom to be paid in two installments: beginnings of August and December.
  • Cheques to be paid in four installments dated; 1/8, 1/10, 1/12, 1/2 to be submitted on first of August.
  • All tuition fees are payable and non-refundable in the case of student's withdrawal as of the first of August.
  • Registration fees are not refundable in case of student's withdrawal before the first of August.
  • A student is considered enrolled once the first payment of the tuition fees is settled.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Fees for school uniform and after school activities are paid separately.
  • Siblings Discount which is counted from the subject to siblings discount as the following:
    • First sibling 5%
    • Second sibling 10%
    • Third sibling and more 15%