Support services

Academic Counseling

The academic counseling department cultivates a personal relationship with all students and provides them with personalized and individual guidance. The department works with students to help them develop their authentic selves by exploring their interests, strengths, and things they need to work on. Throughout Middle and High school, the school facilitates rich and varied experiences, on and off campus, that help students build a "college-going" and a "college-staying" identity. These experiences not only offer academic enrichment but also give students opportunities to develop and practice interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, such as communication, organization, and self-management amongst other skills. The department provides students with a variety of services in their last four years of school. It helps students explore their interests and choose an academic program that best suits their educational needs. It collaborates with the students and families to develop an individual plan that takes into account academic and professional aspirations. The department provides a wealth of information on different universities and hosts several university fairs on campus where students meet and talk to university representatives, face to face, from all over the world. It also assists students in understanding the university admission process and requirements locally and internationally. Another service provided by the Academic Counseling department is planning a yearly “Career Day”. Throughout this event, students attend different sessions to learn from experts about diverse professions and industries. Our students’ passion and perseverance inspire us to strive for the best opportunities and work hard to support them in all their future endeavors. The school prides itself in having graduates from some of the best universities regionally and internationally.

Psychosocial Counselling

The Counseling Department believes that emotional and psychological well-being precedes academic learning. Our counselors collaborate with parents, students and staff to identify developmental needs, provide social, emotional and psychological support, and design programs that guide students on a healthy path. The Counseling Department designs preventative programs on various mental health and psychosocial issues, tailored to different age levels. These programs are implemented by the counselors and homeroom teachers; topics include emotional regulation, bullying, time management and study skills. Counselors also offer individual and group counseling sessions. In addition to that, they provide individualized guidance for teachers to best support all students and meet their needs. Our Counseling Department consists of four counselors with degrees in psychology or counseling.

Special needs

Amman National School is a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment offering various differentiated learning opportunities. We accept students with different talents and abilities and work with them to achieve their full potential. The department offers a support program and an enrichment one. The Support Program: This program, having access to the school's resources including curricula, activities and facilities, offers the following services:

• Language Support: This is provided for students who require enhancement in their language skills in Arabic or English.

• In-Class Support: A special education teacher supports individual students in their regular classes and helps them improve their performance in different subjects.

• Out-Of-Class Support: Students attend classes in a resource room setting where the curriculum is tailored to meet their unique needs; different material and strategies are implemented to fulfill their IEP goals.

Enrichment Program

The enrichment program provides additional challenges and extensions in areas where the students' abilities are particularly advanced. Enrichment Clusters are co-curricular activities that group together students with common interests from different grade levels. These groups get together weekly and are supervised by a teacher or a community member who shares the same interest. A real product or a service is the outcome of every cluster. The goal of these clusters is to develop self-directed learning skills in planning, problem-solving, organizing, cooperating, and enhancing self-confidence.

Medical Care

Amman National School is committed to providing a friendly and safe environment for all students requiring physical or emotional care. A full-time physician and nurse are available during school hours to take care of both students and staff members. Our clinic is well equipped to provide medical care in case of emergencies. All students are covered by an accidental insurance policy that covers medical expenses up to 1000 JOD per case for accidents during school hours.


Transportation service is available to students who reside in many areas of Greater Amman. Buses are driven by professional drivers and escorted by friendly and caring bus monitors. The buses are equipped with air conditioning and G.P.S.

Safety and Security

The school has three entrances that are monitored by security officers. Visitors entering the campus must sign in with security. No one is allowed to enter or leave school premises without verification. Security cameras are installed in hallways, multipurpose rooms, playgrounds, and entrances.


Amman National School has a canteen that serves students from grades 1-12 in three locations. The canteen offers different kinds of salads, soups cold and hot sandwiches, and juices.